Creative Outlook
Design is a curatorial process that is used to accomplish an objective. The result—a piece of art, graphic design, writing, or other creative work—should have an aesthetic that cooperates with its practical or critical function. A successful project is one that works well, looks great, and is appropriate to its use/user. There are few things more satisfying than executing a project well. One of those things is producing a great work as part of a team of dedicated, talented people. I am seeking a work environment that offers variety, new experiences, and great people. If you are looking for someone who is smart, reliable, craft-conscious, good-humored, and willing to work outside her comfort zone then you've found her.
About Me
I grew up in a home where art, learning, and the outdoors were integral parts of daily life. My passions are, as a result, a nice blend of the nerdy and robust. I will happily spend hours digging in the yard, kerning type, refinishing furniture, cruising Wikipedia or Ad Rants, riding my bike, and skulking around friends' art studios. Following my interest in visual culture, I became a Communications student at the university in my hometown. I quickly added a second degree and an art history minor. Then I moved to San Francisco to attend grad school, where I earned a Masters' in Curatorial Practice. Needless to say, I love art, design, and all the heavy thinking around them. That said, I also really, really love to make things. I was the kid who constantly rummaged through the pastels, the woodpile, or the fabric box and was chided almost daily for leaving tools out. Since then, I have learned that pastels melt in the rain. I also now have a respect for tools, bobbins, and large spiders. But some things never change and I still always have one or two personal projects in the works. These small engagements are opportunities to for me to learn new skills or benefit others.

“Aislinn is one of those people all businesses hope to find. She is brilliant in many things and flexible enough to manage multiple competing projects.”
— Beth Lauer Elasowich, Director of Purchasing

“I worked as a contractor for Aislinn and have to say it was a GREAT experience!! She is organized and a great communicator, she is helpful and I really enjoyed our time working together. With her creative mind and great work ethic, I would definitely recommend her to anyone!!”
— Barbie Hull, Photographer

“I had the pleasure of working as a direct report to Aislinn, who is a wonderful boss and a mentor. She has an open door policy and is willing to offer any help and guidance as needed as well as let you have space to breathe on your own. ”
— Celeste Martellacci, Designer

“Aislinn is great to work with: she is creative, discerning, professional, totally frank, and practical... She possesses the ability to simplify complex design needs and magically translate them into compelling campaigns, while never losing sight of their overall role in a mission based company. I highly recommend working with her.”
— Emily Wright Moore, Designer

“Aislinn is a creative, detail oriented brand manager whose communication and organizational skills are an asset to any team.”
— Chris Hardy, Web Developer

“I had the pleasure of working with Aislinn for eight years and can honestly say she was one of the best coworkers I have ever had. She was always on top of everything, very organized, had great follow through and follow up on projects. Communication with her was easy and she was great at working with many different personality types.”
— Audrey Tanberg, Marketer

“Aislinn is the mastermind behind the Babeland brand. She has hit the nail on the head with store designs, ad campaigns, and marketing materials. She is able to create a vision for our brand, articulate that vision to our team, and implement her vision to best target our customers.”
— Mary Hoffer, Director of Retail

Aislinn's work is outstanding. Her professionalism along with her talent made her a valuable asset to the Center for Economic Development. Her abilities helped the CED to become more professional and more marketable. She was always easy to work with, upheld deadlines, and always delivered impeccable work.
— Courtney Farrell, Executive
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