In this image the home page is flanked by the main pages for "sex info" and "community".

The old had an unwieldy top-nav, containing everything from shopping to promotion-specific links without any distinct hierarchy. We distilled the top navigation into three main paths--shopping, sex info, and community--to better support our mission and the customer experience.
Right to left: home page, category page, product page, shopping bag view.

When redesigning the website we made the shopping process easier, added functionality at each step, streamlined checkout and the left navigation.
Babeland is a community-focused company. In-store workshops are popular with the customer and sex-positive communities alike--tickets may now be purchased via the website (left). Babeland's Come for a Cause program (right) encourages customers to support charitable causes through select actions, which allows them to feel more connected to their community through meaningful purchase. The program is now easier to find on the website, which increases effectiveness and offers a new level of visibility to the customer.
Founded on the belief that knowledge is not just powerful, but sexy, Babeland provides sex information on the website as part of its educational mission. Information about sexual health, product types, buyer guides (right) and technique tips (left) are now available and easily searchable for the customer.

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