This journey started with an inherited a set of rough sketches and notes from the previous Eyefinity Art Director. From there, I helped the Eyefinity Marketing Team focus their desire for improvement into a design brief that clarified the site purpose (lead generation) and defined several objectives: enhance usability (both for visitors and for content editors), improve SEO, create a viable mobile experience, and elevate visual design.
I partnered with the Eyefinity Marketing Team in presenting the project for executive approval, then worked to identify and connect with the right internal implementation partner. Once work began with our Digital Solutions teammates, I continued to support the marketing leads in making decisions based on the information and recommendations presented by our digital strategists.
Once wire framing began, I worked alongside the Digital Solutions team to establish the design system style guide and generate high fidelity comps for review. I was responsible for all visual design elements during site build and I led the graphic design team who supplied all the content imagery for launch.
With our recent rebrand, work continues in iterating the style guide and visual design of the site.
Image courtesy of Eyefinity, Inc. ©2022
Image courtesy of Eyefinity, Inc. ©2022
Restructured navigation and the addition of a mega-menu provide multiple points of entry into the sales funnel without getting in the way of established software customers' ability to login.
Image courtesy of Eyefinity, Inc. ©2022
The re-platforming enabled us to seize the opportunity to update the visual design. I was responsible for setting the overall brand look and building hi-fidelity comps from key wire frames. I also contributed redlining/review during handoff and lead the design team that created all final content imagery.
Our shared tools for wire framing and hi-fidelity comps were Sketch and InVision. Content graphics were created in Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, and XD.
Image courtesy of Eyefinity, Inc. ©2022
As part of our design process we established a design system, which is housed in InVision DSM.
Site Audit and Analysis
Competitor Research
Defining Problems
Creating a Design System and Mockups

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