“Game of Moans” In-Store Customer Engagement and social media event for Magic Wand Product Launch

This marketing event capitalized on the widespread fan anticipation of the season premier of  the TV series Game of Thrones. We identified an area of crossover between fans of the show and the classic vibrator the Magic Wand. Injecting some typically-Babeland cheeky humor and presenting the shopper with a fun way to interact with the newly re-launched Wand proved a big success. The social media contest saw record participation and sharing. The in-store viewing parties had good attendance. We garnered some PR and blog notice from new sources. and, perhaps most importantly, sales of the Magic Wand more than doubled during the launch period.

Game of Moans was an idea I pitched Babeland’s Marketing Director, refined, scheduled, and implemented. I worked with our Purchasing department to secure Magic Wand’s approval and participation. Marketing and I crafted a sweepstakes-style contest to drive image sharing and boost interest. Once all the business points were solid, I designed and built the “thrones” for the stores--right down to sewing the cushions using my mother’s antique Singer. Then I created a one-sheet detailing the purpose of the project and the rules of engagement for our store staff so they would know how to set it up and monitor engagement. Staff were delighted and took the project further by adding props (dragons, crowns, other sex toys) and kicking off the social media image sharing with gusto.

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